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Houston Pump Repair

Centrifugal pump impellers are an essential element in your industrial equipment. Your Houston pump repair company will provide you with expert guidance and support to determine which type of impeller suits your needs and to keep your pumps operating efficiently.

How Impellers Work

An impeller is a component that consists of curved vanes or blades rotating around a central core. Centrifugal pump impellers operate while submerged in water or in another liquid. A motor delivers force and rotates the impeller, which directs liquid in a single direction from one side of the impeller to the other. These components allow greater control over how fast the liquid flows from one side to another. Impellers also provide the force needed to propel slower-moving liquids through the pump system.

Types of Centrifugal Pump Impellers

Impellers are divided into three basic categories:

  • Closed impellers consist of two circular plates that surround the blades on both sides. This allows for controlled and efficient pumping. They are primarily used for clear, thinner liquids.
  • Open impellers are open on both sides, which makes them weaker than closed impellers. Because of this, they may require Houston industrial pump repair because of the lack of support for the blades. However, they are recommended for thick liquids that other pumps simply can’t move.
  • Semi-open impellers are a compromise between the stability of closed impellers and the versatility of open impellers. These impellers have one side open and one side closed. They are flexible while still providing the stability most pumps need to function properly.

Choosing the right type of impeller will ensure the best results for your industrial applications. Companies that offer Houston industrial pump services will provide the support and guidance needed to keep your equipment running well.

Houston Pump Repair for Optimal Operations

Over time, impellers and plates will start to wear and will need to be replaced. Working with a company that specializes in Houston pump repair services is the best way to maintain your equipment and to promote the ongoing success of your operations.

At Elite Pumps & Mechanical Services, LLC, we work with you to provide the emergency water pump repair services your company needs for productivity and to avoid unexpected downtimes. Give us a call at 281-506-7390 to schedule an appointment for maintenance or at 832-774-0939 to request emergency services. The team at Elite Pumps & Mechanical Services is here to serve you.