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Valves and Piping

Understanding the differences between pump and lift stations can help you to manage your Texas pump repair services more effectively. These systems are typically used as part of sewage and wastewater treatment plants. A Texas pump repair services company can assist with maintaining these facilities in peak operating condition. Regular maintenance and inspections can keep lift stations and pump stations working at full efficiency consistently.

What Is a Lift Station?

Lift stations are designed specifically to move sewage materials and wastewater from a lower level of the treatment plant to the upper levels. These systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of potential conditions. Some conditions include the presence of dangerous gases, various levels of solids, and the necessity to keep waste moving through the facility. This prevents the buildup of bacteria and other dangerous microbes. Lift stations typically use submersible pumps to deliver sewage to higher elevations within the treatment plant. Continuous maintenance and Texas pump repair services are critical to the ongoing function of your lift stations within the sewage treatment facility.

What Is a Pumping Station?

Pumping stations are used to deliver water to higher levels of your treatment plant. Wastewater and freshwater transferred through pumping stations are generally free of sewage and solid materials. Because of this, these systems do not require grinders to break up sewage and particulate materials. This can simplify the process of moving water from one part of your treatment plant to another. Pumping stations can be used to remove water from storm drains or process water that has already gone through the treatment process at your facility. Regular maintenance by a Texas pump repair services company helps promote greater productivity and reduced downtime.

General Recommendations

For both pumping and lift stations, all electrical components and wiring must be shielded from exposure to water or sewage to prevent shorts and damage. Inspections and testing of seals and connections will extend the life of your pumps and may be legally required.

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