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Houston Pump Repair

High-rise apartment and office buildings present special challenges for Texas pump repair and installation companies. Improper piping and valve issues are common reasons for low pressure at the higher floors of buildings. There are a few practical ways to resolve low pressure issues to ensure adequate pressure for all levels of high-rise buildings.

Booster Pumps

A common way of addressing water pressure issues is booster pumps installed by a Texas industrial pump repair company. These devices increase the water pressure to ensure a steady water supply at the top floors of your high-rise. The process works like this:

  • Water is pumped into an airtight tank that contains air, which is then compressed by the water entering the tank.
  • When the pressure of the water in the tank reaches a specific point, the pump is shut down.
  • The pressurized water is used to supply the top floors of your building.
  • When the pressure falls below a certain point, the pump activates to restore the pressure and to supply water to occupants on the upper floors.

Booster pumps are a solid choice for buildings that require a steady supply of water on every floor. These options require the right pipe and valve installations to work properly and reliably.

Elevated Water Tanks

Installing a water storage tank on the roof or in the top floors is also a choice for maintaining water pressure at all levels of the commercial structure. Water is pumped up to this storage tank. When water levels fall to a preset level, more water is pumped in to maintain pressure and ensure a steady supply of water for tenants. This solution is highly efficient in terms of energy use but may require added room for the storage tank on the roof or top floor.

Regular Repairs and Maintenance

Making sure valves and pipes are in peak condition helps to maintain water pressure in tall buildings. Your local Texas pump repair services team can analyze your current setup and provide you with the right options for upgrading your system’s performance.

Elite Pumps & Mechanical Services provides practical and cost-effective Texas pump repair solutions for your water supply needs. We work with you to determine the best options for your budget and your building. Call us today at 281-506-7390 to schedule a routine appointment or at 832-774-0939 for 24-hour emergency service. We are here to serve your Texas pump repair needs.