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Imbalanced impellers can cause noise, vibration, and excess stress on your pump. If you notice this, it’s important to seek impeller balancing from your Texas industrial pump repair company. Impellers are the rotating component of your pump that moves fluid. Therefore, it’s vital to keep this piece of your pump working properly. So, what is impeller balancing and when do you need this service?

What is Impeller Balancing?

Impeller balancing is a service that applies weight to your impellers to re-balance them. This service from your Texas industrial pump repair technician helps maintain your pump and keep your operations running efficiently. Imbalanced impellers can cause excess stress on your impellers, bearings, and support systems. They can also cause damage to your mechanical seals and premature pump failure.

Proper impeller balancing can help increase your pump’s efficiency, minimize downtime, and prevent costly Texas pump repair services. Therefore, balancing services are an important part of preventative maintenance for your centrifugal pumps.

There are several situations that can cause your impellers to become imbalanced, including:

  • Mounting errors
  • Non-symmetrical impellers
  • Impeller distortion due to stress or temperature changes
  • Corrosion/erosion caused by products that come into contact with your impellers

Therefore, you should keep an eye on your centrifugal pumps for signs of imbalanced impellers. Some signs include significant vibrations, loud noises, pump inefficiency, and frequently needing pump repair services.

Do I Need Balancing After Texas Industrial Pump Repair?

Especially after Texas pump repair services, it’s important to ensure that your technician also balances your impellers. Manufacturers will balance your centrifugal pump impellers during production and assembly, though it’s a good idea to also have them inspected before use. Additionally, you should schedule regular inspections for your pump and impellers with your Texas industrial pump services company. This can help find issues before they evolve into larger problems. 

Also, you should rebalance your impellers any time you repair or re-build your centrifugal pumps. This is because they may become uncalibrated during these activities. Therefore, to ensure that your pump operates at peak efficiency, make sure a skilled Texas industrial pump repair technician rebalances your impellers after repair services or any time you suspect that they are imbalanced.

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