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If you repeatedly need Texas pump repair services, it may be time for a replacement pump. There are several factors to consider when purchasing a new pump. Depending on what you use it for, you may need to evaluate several different types of pumps. This will help you find the best option for your needs. Using the incorrect pump could lead to frequent and costly Texas industrial pump repair. Therefore, there are a few key factors to assess when shopping for a new industrial pump.

The Type of Liquid You Need to Pump

Utilizing a pump that isn’t intended for the type of liquid you are pumping could mean you need Texas pump repair services often. For example, if you use a water pump for viscous chemicals, it can be more prone to breakdowns and failure. Therefore, keep in mind what kind of liquid you need to pump and whether the product you are considering can perform the job efficiently and without problems.

Flow Rate

Additionally, you likely need a certain flow rate for your industrial pump applications. Flow rate refers to how much time it takes to pump a specific amount of water. Most of the time, this measurement is in liters per minute. For most home applications, a flow rate of 100-200 is sufficient. However, for job sites or farms, you should have a flow rate over 2,500 liters per minute to ensure that your new pump can handle industrial and commercial jobs. If you purchase a pump with a lower flow rate than what you need, it can slow down your processes and even stop them completely in the event of a breakdown. If that happens, you likely won’t be able to resume your operations until your Texas pump repair technician arrives and fixes your pump. To avoid these issues, make sure you are choosing a pump that suits your needs.

Quality Pumps Reduce Texas Pump Repair Costs

Another important characteristic you need to evaluate is the quality of your new pump. Though purchasing a lower-end pump may save you money initially, in the long-term it can end up costing a lot more than a higher-quality pump. If your pump is poorly made, you will likely need Texas pump repair services often. It can be tempting to purchase a cheap pump, but frequent repair and failure means spending money on pump repair and replacement. Additionally, because pumps are often vital to your operations, pump malfunctions can lead to costly downtime for your business. To save yourself time and hassle, make sure you purchase a pump that can effectively perform the duties you need it to.

At Elite Pumps & Mechanical Services, we provide practical and cost-effective pump solutions to fit your needs. From pump supply to Texas water pump service and repair, our team is here to help you. Our experts can help you find the best pumps and pump services to keep your operations going strong. Call us today at (281) 506-7390 for more information about our services or (832) 774-0939 to request emergency repair. Elite Pumps & Mechanical Services is here to serve you.