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In many cases, you can prevent pump failure and costly Texas pump repair services if you schedule regular maintenance for your pumps. It can be easy to overlook the necessity of maintenance when your pump seems to be running well. However, preventative services help mitigate issues before they cause breakage or require more extensive Texas pump repair. Follow a few basic procedures to ensure that you maintain your pumps properly.

Check Manufacturer Guidelines and Talk to Your Texas Pump Repair Technician About Maintenance Frequency

First and foremost, you need to determine how often you need maintenance for each part of your pump. For example, some components may only need annual service, while others require monthly inspections. Therefore, consult your manufacturer’s guidelines for how often you need maintenance services. If you aren’t sure, your Texas water pump service and repair technician can give you recommendations based on their experience and industry knowledge.

Mechanical Inspection to Prevent Texas Industrial Pump Repair

Mechanical pump failure can cause your entire plant to shut down until your Texas industrial pump repair technician can fix the damage. Regular mechanical inspections can help keep your pumps operating at peak efficiency and detect issues before they become more serious. During a mechanical inspection, your technician should examine the following:

  • Check that mounting points are secure
  • Inspect mechanical seal and packing
  • Look at pump flanges for leaks
  • Examine the couplings
  • Inspect and clean the filters

Lubrication to Avoid Pump Failure

Another important step to help prevent costly and complicated Texas pump repair is to properly lubricate the motor and bearings of your pump. Check with your manufacturer’s guidelines about the correct frequency, process, and lubricant to use. Additionally, be sure to use the correct amount of lubrication. Over greasing can damage your pump bearings. In fact, bearing damage is often the result of over greasing than under greasing. Bearing damage can negatively affect your pump and may require repair or replacement to correct.

Have Your Texas Water Pump Service and Repair Technician Inspect Your Pump Motor and Electrical Systems

Finally, you should also have your Texas water pump service and repair technician check your pump’s motor and electrical systems. This can help prevent pump failure that can cause costly downtime for your business. During a motor and electrical inspection, your technician should:

  • Confirm that the terminations are tight
  • Clean the motor vents and windings if need be
  • Check the starter/contractor
  • Inspect the windings for insulation failure using a megohmmeter

Using these steps, you can help protect your pumps from malfunction and failure. Implement a maintenance program to ensure your pumps stay in good condition.

At Elite Pumps & Mechanical Services, we provide practical and cost-effective solutions for your industrial and commercial pumps. From preventative maintenance to emergency repair, our team helps you operate efficiently. If we can’t repair your pump on location, we will install a rental replacement so you can keep working while we repair you pump at our full-service machine shop. Call us today at (281) 506-7390 to learn more and schedule an appointment, or (832) 774-0939 to request 24-hour emergency repair services. At Elite Pumps & Mechanical Services, we are here to serve you, day or night.