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Texas Pump Repair Services – Elite Pumps & Mechanical Services

Pumps perform many necessary functions for a wide range of industries. When pump failure occurs, it can stop your operations and even cause dangers like leaks or fires. Therefore, know the common causes of pump failure and call your trusted Texas pump repair services technician when you notice issues with your pumps. Additionally, while it may be tempting to try to diagnose the problem yourself, pump disassembly should always be performed by a professional Texas industrial pump repair technician for the best outcomes.

Operating Pumps Outside of BEP Could Lead to Frequent Texas Pump Repair Services

A common cause for pump failure is operating your pump outside of its best efficiency point (BEP). Generally, you should be running your pumps within about 30% of its BEP. This helps prevent failure and frequent Texas pump repair services. Working your pump too hard or not hard enough can result in mechanical seal failure, worn bearings, and shaft breakage. In addition, it can also shorten your pump’s lifespan.

For example, if you only need 2 feet of head, you shouldn’t be using a pump designed to create 15 feet of head. This will likely lead to frequent breakdowns, Texas pump repair services, and failure. Therefore, be sure to select the right pump for the job you intend to use it for and operate it within its BEP.

Voltage Problems Can Cause Pump Failure

Another reason you may need Texas industrial pump repair is using the wrong voltage for your pumps. Pumps require a certain amount of voltage to run. When this voltage isn’t available during operation, the pump will use more amperage. This can result in increased heat that can eventually burn out the motor. This is especially common when using extension cords for your pumps. Therefore, ensure that you’re using the correct size extension cord to avoid frequent Texas pump repair services.

Call Your Texas Water Pump Service and Repair Technician About Water in the Motor

Also, it’s important to call your Texas water pump service and repair technician when you notice water inside your pump’s motor. Generally, people assume that if they find water inside the motor that it’s due to a manufacturer defect. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Oftentimes, water will seep into the pump motor if a cable is damaged or cut, as it allows water to infiltrate the copper conductors and, thereby, the motor.

Another reason this may occur is if you run your pumps for too long outside of the runout level specified on its performance curve. As the rotor shaft works hard to keep up, the mechanical seal may gradually open and allow water to seep into your pump. So, keeping an eye on these things can help extend the operating life of your pumps and reduce your need for Texas pump repair services.

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