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Designed to move fluids efficiently, centrifugal pumps are essential to the proper performance of many industrial enterprises. Working with a firm that offers expert Texas pump repair services is a great way to keep your centrifugal pumps working at peak efficiency. Spotting the warning signs of an imminent failure is critical to prevent breakdowns and to avoid the expense of a full replacement. Here are some symptoms of possible centrifugal pump failure that you should not ignore.


If you see evidence of leaking around the seals and joints of your centrifugal pump, call a Texas pump repair professional right away to prevent more serious issues. Leaks are typically caused by temperature issues, pressure imbalances or corrosion that slowly eats away at seals and creates the potential for a critical failure.


If temperatures are consistently exceeding the appropriate range for your centrifugal pump, there may be clogs that require the attention of a Texas industrial pump repair company. Clearing these clogs will usually help the pump to perform more efficiently and within the temperature levels recommended by the manufacturer. 

Pump Flow Reduction

Pumps that routinely take longer than expected to perform their tasks may be headed for a breakdown. Issues with gaskets, suction lines and impellers are often to blame for these slowdowns in production. Your Texas pump repair services team will be able to diagnose and resolve these issues before a minor annoyance becomes a major expense.

Loud or Odd Noises

Vibration in your centrifugal pump may be caused by an object stuck inside or by a damaged bearing. Cavitation may also be to blame for this symptom. In all of these cases, scheduling a visit from your local pump repair team is generally the best way to resolve these problems and to protect your pump against further damage.

Failure to Start

Electrical issues are the most common reason for the sudden refusal of your centrifugal pump to start. Check your circuit breakers and fuses as an initial diagnostic step. Loose wiring could also be to blame for your pump’s failure to work. If none of these issues is the likely culprit, a visit from your pump repair professionals is recommended to determine the cause of the shutdown.

At Elite Pumps & Mechanical Services, LLC, we offer Texas pump repair services for freshwater and wastewater pumps throughout our area. Our team has the experience and proven expertise needed to resolve your issues quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible. Call us at 281-506-7390 for routine and non-emergency services or at 834-774-0939 for emergency repairs available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team is ready to serve you.