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If you are experiencing more frequent breakdowns that require continuous Texas pump repair services, it may be time to upgrade your hydraulic pump drive to a variable speed model. This will also provide added energy efficiency for your operations and will promote high productivity. Consider these important points when deciding whether to upgrade your current pump system this year.

Types of Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pump drive systems are typically available in constant-speed and variable speed models and as direct or indirect drives. A Texas industrial pump repair services company will typically allow you to determine which of these pump drive systems is most appropriate for your needs.

Constant-Speed vs. Variable Speed Hydraulic Pump Drives

In general, constant-speed pump drives are much less efficient than their variable-speed counterparts. Variable-speed pump drives are designed to produce lower energy costs, to reduce noise and to limit heat production. This can be of major importance during the hottest part of Texas summers. Another advantage of variable-speed systems is their reduced need for oil, which will often reduce the necessary architectural footprint for installing these systems.

Direct vs. Indirect Hydraulic Pump Drives

Direct-drive systems for industrial hydraulic pumps are simple and straightforward, which can sometimes reduce the cost of Texas pump repair for these configurations. They are best suited to simple tasks and pumping procedures. Indirect-drive systems are designed to use chains, gears, pulleys or other mechanisms to transfer force from the motor shaft to the pump shaft. This allows greater control over the speed of the pump shaft, which will typically distribute stress more evenly to avoid side-loading issues.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Hydraulic Pump Drive

Depending on the age of your industrial hydraulic pumps, you may be able to increase energy efficiency and improve your degree of control by upgrading your pump drives. Newer pumps allow you to select different modes and different speeds while keeping noise and vibrations to a minimum. This can help you to manage your operations more effectively now and in the future.

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