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Texas industrial pump repair services technician
Texas industrial pump repair services technician
Trust our Texas experienced industrial pump repair services team to get your lift station back online and in service quickly after failure.

Are you a Houston apartment building owner dealing with the headache of lift station failure and subsequent pump repair? If your lift station is having difficulty maintaining a consistent rate of performance, then it’s likely time to call in an industrial pump technician.

Experts in Texas industrial pump services understand every intricate detail when it comes to repairing broken or malfunctioning pumps, as they have years of dedicated experience working within this specialized field.

In this post, we will explore why lift stations may fail so often and answer your questions regarding what can be done to prevent future malfunctions from occurring. Contact us to schedule an appointment now.

How Lift Stations Work in Houston Apartment Buildings

Lift stations are crucial components of plumbing systems in Houston’s many apartment buildings. Essentially, a lift station is a wastewater pumping system that moves sewage or wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher one, where it can join the main sewer system. They work by collecting wastewater from a building’s plumbing and storing it in a pit before pumping it to a higher elevation. This is necessary in buildings where sewage cannot flow naturally due to gravitational constraints.

Without lift stations, Houston’s apartment buildings would be left with no choice but to improperly dispose of sewage or wastewater, leading to environmental and health hazards. As such, lift stations play a critical role in maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene in residential buildings.

Common Causes of Lift Station Failure

Lift stations are working constantly, so they can be vulnerable to failure due to various causes, requiring Texas industrial pump services. As a result, regular maintenance and thorough testing are vital to keep these stations operating effectively.

  • One significant reason for lift station failure is power outages. Lift stations rely on a continuous flow of electricity to function correctly, and any outage can result in a system shutdown. When the pump stops working, the wastewater collection pit begins to fill. If the outage lasts long enough, the pit can overflow, causing severe damage to the lift station’s mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • A build-up of grease, debris, or wastewater solids can also cause clogging within the lift station, leading to failure. Debris disposed down apartment sinks can quickly accumulate. Food scraps, grease, and personal hygiene products often end up going down the drain. Over time, they can gather and solidify, forming a barrier that obstructs the passage of wastewater. This situation can burden the pumps as they have to work harder to push the wastewater past the blockage, leading to premature wear and tear.
  • Corroded pipes also significantly contribute to lift station failure. Over time, the constant flow of wastewater can cause wear and tear on the pipes, leading to corrosion. Corroded pipes can rupture or leak, hampering the efficient movement of wastewater and posing potential environmental hazards.
  • Damaged float switches are a major issue. Float switches are crucial in regulating the operation of the pumps. They signal when the wastewater level in the pit is high enough to warrant pump activation and when it is low enough to turn the pump off. If a float switch is damaged, it may fail to accurately gauge the wastewater level, leading to either overworking of the pump.

Benefits of Professional Industrial Pump Services in Texas

When it comes to industrial pumping systems, proper maintenance is crucial to ensure smooth and efficient operation. That’s why it’s important to invest in professional pump servicing. With expert guidance, you can rest easy knowing that your life station pumps are being inspected, repaired, and installed correctly.

Additionally, troubleshooting expertise can help quickly identify and address any existing problems with your lift station. Don’t let equipment failure affect your apartment building tenants—seek out the benefits of professional industrial pump servicing today.

Texas Lift Station Repair – Industrial Pump Services

When it comes to lift station repair in Houston for your apartment building, there’s a fast and cost-effective option available—Elite Pumps. Our technicians are experienced in lift station repair and can quickly get the job done with no hassle.

Make sure necessary repairs or upgrades are performed on time and correctly without breaking the bank, contact us now to schedule a service appointment.