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Pipes and pumps that need Texas pump repair services
Texas pump repair services help keep your critical systems in good condition.

If you’re dealing with excessive vibration, abnormal operating temperatures, and premature component failure, you need Texas pump repair services. Misalignment and imbalance issues are often to blame for these issues. Because these two pump issues can cause similar issues, many people mistake one for the other. However, pump alignment and pump balance are two separate issues that can cause serious problems for your pump systems.

Texas Pump Repair Services: Pump Alignment

Pump alignment refers to how the pump shaft and motor shaft align. These shafts and components should share the same center point, otherwise your pumps may experience many different issues. For instance, pump misalignment can cause excessive vibration, friction, heat, and noise. Frequently misalignment can lead to coupling failure, oil leaks near the bearing seal, and premature bearing failure. Also, misalignment can cause pump imbalances that don’t improve with balancing services. For extreme misalignment it can even cause the pump and motor shafts to fracture or break. Therefore, it’s essential to get Texas pump repair services for pump misalignment as soon as possible. 

Texas industrial pump repair for misalignment depends on many factors. The first step is diagnosing the misalignment. Typically, this involves your pump experts using special tools like laser or dial indicators to determine whether the pump and motor are out of alignment. Misalignment can be offset or angular misalignment. In many cases, fixing pump alignment issues involves using shims to bring the lower shaft up and in line with the other for your pump assembly.

Texas Industrial Pump Repair: Balancing Services

By contrast, balance is how the weight is distributed across the rotating axes of the motor and pump. Your pump systems suffer imbalance when one area of the rotating axis bears more weight than the rest of the axis. For instance, if one impeller in the pump were to experience significant product build up. This creates undue stress on the pump and motor and can cause many of the same symptoms of misalignment. For instance, imbalanced pumps may experience premature wear and tear or seal and bearing failure. It can also increase the vibration, heat, and noise from your pumps and lower pump efficiency. 

Balancing Texas industrial pump services involve removing excess weight in the area causing the imbalance. For instance, it might involve cleaning impellers with product buildup. In other cases, machining services through drilling, grinding, or milling may be necessary to re-distribute weight evenly across the rotating axis of the pump. This should correct the issue and improve pump performance and lifespan. However, keep in mind that alignment issues can also cause pump balance problems. Therefore, if you’ve recently had your pumps balanced and they continue to show signs of imbalance, you may need alignment and rebalancing to restore your pumps to good working order.

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