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Your mechanical seals help prevent liquids leaking into the bearing housing or motor of your pumps. Mechanical seal failure is a common reason you may need Texas pump repair services. In fact, mechanical seal failure is one of the most frequent causes of pump down time. Therefore, learn how to keep your mechanical seals in good condition and avoid frequent Texas pump repair services.

What Do Mechanical Seals Do?

Mechanical seals help stop leaks in your pump. They seal off the components of your pump that should remain dry, such as the bearing housing or the motor. When your mechanical seals fail, your pumps can’t perform their job properly. Therefore, if you notice your mechanical seals are worn or if they fail, you’ll need Texas industrial pump repair to resume your operations. Generally, the best way to tell if you need to replace your mechanical seals is to inspect their carbon or graphite wearable faces. If these faces look worn down, then you should invest in new mechanical seals. However, if you encounter pump leaks or failure and the faces look fine, your seals have likely failed. If this is the case, you’ll need Texas pump repair services to get your pumps back on line.

Why You May Need Texas Pump Repair Services for Your Mechanical Seals

Over time, mechanical seals wear out. However, you could be causing them to wear or fail faster than they need to. This can lead to excessive costs for seal replacements and Texas pump repair services. Therefore, avoid these common causes of mechanical seal failure.

Inadequate Lubrication

Your mechanical seals need proper lubrication to function effectively. Running your pumps dry or pumping excessively high temperature liquids can heat up your seals and lead to failure. If this is the case, you’ll likely need Texas pump repair services to replace your seals. Also, this can lead to other components of your pumps to wear out, so it’s best to avoid these situations altogether.

Talk to Your Texas Repair Services Technician About Which Seal to Use for Your Applications

Additionally, using the wrong seals for the liquids you pump can put undue stress on your mechanical seals. When purchasing mechanical seals, you should consider their chemical compatibility with the liquids you pump. Also consider the face hardness and the liquid’s temperature when choosing your mechanical seals. Selecting the wrong mechanical seals for your operations often means you’ll need Texas industrial pump repair more often. So, for the best outcomes, take care of your mechanical seals to prevent pump down time.

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