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Have you ever wondered how apartment buildings and other multi-story buildings get water to the top floor? Booster pumps raise water pressure to supply water to top floors in these buildings. It’s important to choose the right booster pumps for your needs. Otherwise, you could end up needing frequent Texas pump repair. Work with an experienced pump supply company to prevent booster pump break downs, costly repairs, and pump failure.

What are Booster Pumps?

Some pressure is naturally lost when water travels through high-rise plumbing systems. Booster pumps help correct this by increasing pressure along the water line. Typically, booster pumps use centrifugal force to bring water into the tank and send it to upper level floors.

For good water pressure, you need to choose a system that can handle the demands your plumbing faces. Using the wrong booster pumps for your building is a common cause of break downs and failures. So, choose the right booster pumps for your needs to save on frequent Texas pump repair. Also, make sure you monitor water pressure. Low water pressure can indicate that your booster pumps are struggling.

Do I need Texas Pump Repair for Low Pressure?

If you notice low pressure in your building, you should call your Texas pump repair technician as soon as possible. In some cases, you just need Texas pump repair services to improve water pressure. However, sometimes your water pressure is low because your booster pumps are unable to keep up. For example, if your building has recently seen a large influx of people, then the demand on your booster pumps increases.

Sometimes low water pressure signals that your booster pump is operating at its maximum capacity. However, be aware that operating your booster pumps at maximum capacity for extended periods of time can lead to breakdowns, frequent Texas pump repair, downtime, and even failure. When you notice these issues, it may be time to add another booster pump to your system or upgrade your booster pumps. This way you can continue to get the best pressure out of your systems and keep your booster pumps in great condition.

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