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Pumps and piping need Texas pump services
Texas pump services help keep your pumps operating at peak efficiency.

Keeping pumps in great condition helps reduce costs for last-minute repairs, replacements, and pump inefficiencies. Pump fouling is a serious problem for many applications. Regular Texas pump services for maintenance and cleaning can help reduce issues from pump fouling. We’ll discuss what pump fouling is, why it happens, and how to prevent and repair fouling on pump parts.

What is Pump Fouling?

First, let’s go over what pump fouling is. Fouling is essentially where materials stick to surfaces. This can impair pump function and cause early deterioration. For pumps and pumping systems, Fouling typically means particulate matter adheres to internal surfaces of pumps or pipe systems. 

In most cases, fouling occurs in the distribution lines. However, fouling can absolutely happen in the internal surfaces of pumps themselves. Pump fouling is typically a larger problem when the liquids pumped contain solid particulates. Generally, pump components are more at risk for fouling if liquids contain extremely fine particulates or coarse particulates that the pump can’t expel. However, fouling can also occur overtime with things like regular minerals in water systems, such as calcium and magnesium. 

Fouling, either in distribution lines or in pumps, can cause a variety of issues for pumps and systems. Without Texas water pump service and repair for fouling, pumps may fail unexpectedly. This can cause large amounts of unplanned downtime and can significantly impact productivity for your application. 

Even before pumps fail due to fouling, they may also experience other issues that impact your business. For instance, fouling can reduce pump efficiency and flow capacity. This increases energy costs for the pump as well as time needed to pump the same volume of fluid. In addition, fouling can increase the risk for pump cavitation. 

What Texas Pump Services Help Prevent and Repair Pump Fouling?

Fortunately, regular Texas industrial pump services can help prevent fouling. To prevent fouling, maintenance services include pump cleaning to remove any scale that can turn into fouling that affects pump function and efficiency. Cleaning typically involves removing the pump, disassembling it, and mechanically cleaning components vulnerable to fouling.

If you’re already dealing with significant fouling in your pumps and systems, then you need pump cleaning to remove the built up material. Just like maintenance cleaning to prevent fouling, cleaning can also help repair pumps with fouling. Generally, these pump fouling repair services are much harsher than regular pump cleaning. If scale and fouling have built up and are difficult to remove, then pump specialists will need to use harsher methods. For instance, pumps may need more abrasive cleaning or even chemical cleaning to remove the buildup. Frequent harsh cleaning to help repair fouling can increase wear and tear on pumps. Therefore, it’s generally best to take part in regular maintenance rather than reactive service. 

Texas Water Pump Service and Repair from Elite Pumps & Mechanical Services

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