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As more people try to reduce their water consumption, solids concentration in waste water increase. This means you may need Texas pump repair more often for clogs.

Does it seem like your water treatment facility needs Texas pump repair more often than before? Today, more people and institutions are looking to decrease their water consumption with low flow water fixtures. This has unintentionally increased the concentration of solids in wastewater. Therefore, your facility may need Texas pump repair for clogs more often than in the past. Learn more about Texas industrial pump repair for clogs and how you can reduce the risk of clogs.

Texas Pump Repair for Clogs

Clogs in your pumps can damage many components of your pump, including the impellers and motor. Additionally, in many cases a blocked pump means interrupted service until your Texas pump repair technician can resolve the problem. However, even partial clogs can cause some major problems for your wastewater plant. Partial pump clogs are insidious. While water keeps flowing, partial clogs increase the power drawn on the pump motor. This can lead to premature pump failure. Also, it decreases your pump’s efficiency. Therefore, if you notice unexplained hikes in your energy consumption, call your pump repair specialists to check for a partial clog. Unfortunately, many partial wastewater pump clogs go unnoticed until they are opened for maintenance.

Clogs generally start in three main locations inside your pump. The first is the impeller tip, which can easily catch on pump-clogging materials. Another area is the leading edge of the impeller vane, which may squeeze solids into small openings. Finally, the gap between your rotating impellers and the pump volute is another common area where clogs occur. Your pump repair technician will check all these areas when you have a clog. However, you may be able to reduce how often you need Texas pump repair services by choosing the right pumps and practices to reduce clogs.

Choosing the Right Pumps for Wastewater Applications

One way you can reduce clogs and how often you need Texas industrial pump repair services is to replace your wastewater pumps with no-clog alternatives. Many water treatment plants are switching out their pumps for single-vane screw centrifugal pumps. These pumps reduce the number of impeller vanes, and therefore the number of passages solids can pass through. Additionally, the impeller tip location and liner-impeller gap both work to prevent clogs as much as possible.

However, how you operate can help stop preventable clogs as well. First, ensure that your pumps receive regular maintenance, which can often prevent clogs and catch partial clogs. Also, be sure you monitor your pumps’ efficiency regularly. Sudden efficiency decreases can indicate a partial clog. Therefore, ensure your facility takes steps to reduce pump clogs.

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