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You may need Texas pump repair on control systems for electrical wiring or components.

If your pumps aren’t working properly, then you probably know you need Texas pump repair. However, it’s common to just assume that it’s the pump or motor that is malfunctioning. What many don’t realize is that your pump motor control systems may also fail or malfunction without proper maintenance and repairs. 

How to Tell if You Need Texas Pump Repair for Pump Motor Control Systems

Generally, determining if you need Texas pump repair for control systems or the pump itself is difficult without the right equipment. For example, when troubleshooting pump control systems, your repair technician may use an ohmmeter or even infrared camera tools. 

We may use infrared tools to look for overheating in the control panel if you notice issues with your pump systems. This can help us determine if there’s an issue with the electrical components. We may also use an ohmmeter to test the electrical resistance. This can help us identify component or wiring faults. Therefore, these tools can help us determine if you need Texas industrial pump repair for your control system. 

Once we isolate the problem, we can generally repair or replace the component. In other cases, we may also recommend changing the settings of your motor control systems to better fit your applications. 

Typically, pump motor control system issues end up causing overheating, failure to initiate pump systems, or loss of voltage. Pump control systems can be damaged by contamination from dirt, moisture, oil, and other substances, or even when operated under conditions they weren’t designed for.

If you notice any signs of electrical issues, such as a blown fuse or overheating, it’s important to have a professional check your pump systems for malfunction. 

Texas Industrial Pump Services to Help You Find the Right Control Systems

In some cases, you may not need Texas pump repair even if you notice issues with your pump motor control systems. We often see issues arise because the control system simply doesn’t fit the application. It’s important to choose the right pump control systems for your operations.

For example, many lift stations use start-stop/float level control systems. These activate pumps when sewage reaches a certain level. The idea behind these is to reduce energy waste from constant or unnecessary pumping. However, this may not be the best control system for your operations. Sometimes it can cause the pump to overheat. If the float reaches the programmed level multiple times an hour, this leads to frequent starts. Frequent starts and stops may cause overheating. In these cases, it’s best to find a system that is better optimized for your needs. 

We offer Texas industrial pump services to help you find the pumps, control systems, and other equipment you need for maximum efficiency. If we believe your operations could benefit from a different pump motor control system, we can offer recommendations to help prevent premature pump failure, downtime, and potential safety issues from using the wrong system.

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